Research & Development

As a leading company in Chemistry industry in China, RuiChem is strongly focus on R&D to develop products suitable for all application in various industries based on your most demanding requirement, and to conserve the environment and resource.

Ruijiang Technology Center was founded in 2008, and it is composed by R&D department and Quality Testing department.

R&D has 20 mainly master-degree technology R&D specialists, and they are responsible for developing and researching new product’s applications, as well as providing technical solutions to the customers. QC group has more than 10 professional inspectors, assuring customer´s high quality and high performance products.

Ruichem has built a long-term cooperation with some universities and research institutions, we also hired a number of chemical experts as company counselors, in order to keep our product and service among the forefront of the world.

Our lab is fully equipped with the color measurement instrument, HPLC, UV-visible light spectrophotometer, UV-visible light spectrophotom-eter, particle size analyzer, van oscillator etc.